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Animal Planet crew coming in January to Sabine River area

Sometime in January a camera crew from Animal Planet’s “Finding Big Foot” television show is expected to spend a night exploring the mysteries of the Sabine River area in Mineola’s nature preserve.

Mineola Economic Development Director Lynda Rauscher said she had been contacted by the producers of the show and told they will be in the area in January.

Apparently, she said, there have been bigfoot sightings in the area over the years.

Members of the Bigfoot Field Research Organization have created a television program of their adventures while they seek confirmation of bigfoot also known as sasquatch.

The television show has documented their travels from coast to coast in forests, lakes and river bottoms as they seek to find and photograph the elusive bigfoot.

According to numerous magazine articles, radio talk shows and TV documentaries, bigfoot has been seen in many locations around the world but rarely photographed and the available film footage is of minimal quality and leaves much to the imagination. There have also been photographs in snow and soft earth of footprints that some research articles have said may be those of bigfoot.

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